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Das große Projektmanagementhandbuch

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Stephan used to play guitar in a band. So maybe one day his kids will consider him cool. Besides that hope, Stephan is living and breathing projects. Big ones, small ones, huge ones. Agile, predictive, hybrid. Sucessful ones, and failed ones. During the last 20 years he was able to pursue that passion in various roles and companies in multiple countries. With a scope on transformation projects and a focus on people and organizations.

Stephan thinks - in alignment with Shakespeare's Hamlet - that the destination is more important than the journey. As beautiful as the journey may be: projects are always an adventure, their results however are the basis for business success.
He pays a lot of attention to people and how they can be guided to organize themselves around work and he enthusiastically shares his knowledge. Currently he lives in his native town of Salzburg, Austria together with his family, two cats, and a lot of books.

Stephan prefers being on a first-name basis with others. He loves many things, including but not limited to short stories and breaking habbits.